this is just a dumping ground 4 any thoughts i have

i have a luv-hate relationship wif math. on 1 hand, coding and doing calculations 2 figure thingz out iz nice, but on teh other hand it's liek a weird foreign language that i kno liek 3 words of n the rest iz incomprehensible. -12/6/19

zim as a human would probably be an absolute boomer. liek he's basically obsessed w/ following the rules of the Tallest, so people picturing him as a punk kid is strange. he's liek some 60 yr old with a blue lives matter bumper sticker who complainz about kidz these days (ew). -11/18/19

don't chug an entire monster right in front of ur teacher bcuz she asked u 2 throw it away. your pulse will b WAYYY 2 FAST n ur leg'll shake enough 2 power teh entire school 4 a month. xC -11/12/19

conventional weapons is prolly 1 of teh most underrated mcr albums. i know there's only 5 but barely any1 payz attention 2 it -11/11/19

i overthink everything and im scared that ppl might secretly hate me 4 dumb things ive done even tho theyve confirmed that they dont. it’s all just aaaaaa x~x -11/10/19

why exactly do people consider all crime 2 be bad? do they not realize that some, like loitering, r literally harmless, and that sometimes u need 2 break the law in order 2 survive? -11/10/19.

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